Everything You Wanted To Know About The Hall Booking System

The special day in your life is around the corner. You have purchased gifts for your wife, hired photographers, and videographers for your wedding. The sole problem is finding a hall for the occasion. Have you ever thought about booking a hall in your local church for your marriage? Most such halls can easily accommodate 60 people or so. Some of the bigger church halls can house as many as 150 people. However, you should complete the booking process as quickly as possible because other people might be planning to book accommodation at the same venue. Does this imply that you have to visit the Church, fill up a physical form, and pay the requisite amount to book the hall? It seems as if you have no idea about a hall booking system. You can book a hall in the local church from the comfort of your home with the help of such dedicated programs.

Advantages of such software for users

The software can locate different Church halls in your locality and provide you with detailed information about them. You can"

- Find out the number of people the hall can accommodate

- Check whether someone else has not booked the venue on the day you plan to host your marriage

- Book the hall online (you have to fill up an online form and make the payment online via credit card)

- Promote your event to the local community (they can look up events in your area)

The program also provides special opportunities for the hall-booking officer such as:

- Replacing the manual paperwork typically associated with booking halls offline

- Allows him to integrate the software with the Church's existing website

- Allows individuals to make bookings round the clock

- Automates the booking confirmation process (the person booking the hall immediately receives an email confirming that he or she has successfully booked the hall. Clicking on the link contained in the email downloads a filled up form. Take a print out of the form and present it to the personnel of the venue of the decided day.)

- Promotes the hall hire facility of the Church to the local community

- Prevents duplicate bookings (this is one of the commonest errors that occurs in the manual booking)

Stop using obsolete systems

Be prepared for a surprise when two groups of people turn up at your Church, each claiming that they have booked the hall for that date. Chances are that the booking officer made a duplicate entry. This is bound to happen if you still depend on a paper-based room booking system to schedule rooms and events in your Church office. You end up spending more time going through the register to find out if there is any space available when someone calls and makes a request to book your Church hall for an event. Many booking managers use software such as Excel to help reduce booking-related errors. However, this does solve the problem of the person wanting to book the venue. It is in such situations that the hall booking system shows off its mettle.